If you’re in need of industrial coatings for your machinery, components, worksite, or flooring, you’re going to need a company who takes their job seriously. A company who fails to do take their job seriously is a company liable to let you down. When you’re looking to preserve the integrity of your industrial facilities and materials in Madison, Milwaukee, or Rockford, we hope you think of Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction. Call us today! Our epoxy flooring services, plural component spray solutions, and industrial coatings will astound you!

Industrial Coating Services Courtesy of Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction

Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction provides more than just one kind of industrial coating. We provide expertly applied epoxy coatings for warehouse floors, plural component spray finishes for industrial piping, ‘hot pot’ coatings, and more. With decades of combined experience in the field of industrial coatings and paintings, our services really can’t be beaten.

While some of our industrial coating services are more sought-after than others, we aim to offer a wide range of application processes. Every surface problem is different, after all, and Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction isn’t the kind of team with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our high-powered industrial coating services address all current safety and environmental concerns. Are you worried about your industrial pipes corroding or losing their seal? Call us!

Coatings for Industrial Piping in Madison, Milwaukee and Rockford

There are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline running through the United States. These pipes carry our world’s essentials: oil, gas, water, and refined petroleum, for example. In order for these industrial pipes to get the job done, they need to be protected by the right paint and coatings. Without adequate industrial coating, pipes could corrode and result in major breakdowns.

Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction will make sure your pipes or industrial equipment never fails you. Like epoxy flooring, a good industrial paint job is about more than just aesthetics. Not only will your facilities and equipment shine, they’ll also be protected. Some of the benefits of industrial coating include:

  • Flow Efficiency: To ensure that the flow of liquids is not disrupted by unwanted friction, make sure your piping has industrial coating!
  • Abrasion Resistance: When your project’s pipes are protected by a proper coating, the harsh fluids they’re transporting won’t hurt them. Without the proper coating, those pressurized fluids have the ability to do serious damage to your expensive piping.
  • Thermal Insulation: There are many industrial coatings that provide thermal insulation for your industrial pipes. Thermal stress should always be kept at a minimum, for the benefit of your underground pipes or the industrial facility itself.
  • Corrosion Resistance: This is the biggest benefit of industrial pipe coating. Corrosion is the single leading cause of failures in industrial piping. The exterior of your pipes should be waterproof, chemical-resistant and impervious to other common elements. Many damages can occur without proper coating.

Protective Industrial Coatings Courtesy of Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction

Whether you manage a warehouse, manufacturing facility, oil refinery, or cold storage building, your industrial-grade pipes should always be protected. Are your industrial pipes starting to corrode? Pick up the phone and call Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction now. Our industrial coatings will give you maximum protection against the harshest and most corrosive elements imaginable.