While there are a lot of commercial and industrial painting companies that offer their services, not all of them take the most cost-effective or innovative approaches. A lot of companies that coat large and oversized pipes still prefer the ‘hot potting’ method. Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction, however, likes to do things a little differently. Plural component spraying is our approach.

If you want a fine finish and fast cure to your industrial materials, there is no better approach than plural component spraying. Plural component spraying ensures that your industrial plant and its equipment are covered with 100% solid coatings that meet all VOC requirements and whatever standards you may abide by.

As they say, a tool is only as effective as the person handling it. Rest assured, our crew is more than qualified to handle our plural component sprayers. We aren’t just old-fashioned industrial painters trying our hand at new approaches, we’re forward-thinking masters of our craft!

Don’t waste time with other 2K sprayer companies whose component sprays are barely corrosion-proof or chemical-resistant. Call Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction for a free no-obligation consultation. We’ll even give you a quote on our services!

Industrial Paint Services in Madison, Milwaukee and Rockford

Throwing a couple of coats of paint on your industrial machinery might seem a little foolish. After all, aren’t those machines bound to get scuffed and scratched? And why should industrial equipment have to look attractive, anyway?

Plural component spraying is about more than just making the equipment and surfaces in an industrial plant look nice. The primer and the paint finish are applied to protect your equipment! Plural component spraying shields your vulnerable equipment from corrosion, rusting, and more.

Other industrial paint companies provide rather sub-standard corrosion protection. Their old-fashioned approach usually relies on physically bonded coatings that consist of substrate surfaces. These coverings, as you might imagine, never last very long. Our plural component sprays, on the other hand, embrace a more tough, chemically bonded spray. Our approach is guaranteed to stop corrosion and boost the lifespan of your industrial equipment!

Some of the facilities in Madison, Milwaukee and Rockford that rely on our plural component spray coatings include (but are not limited to):

  • Oil Refineries
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial Plants
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Chemical Plants and Facilities
  • Pulp and Paper Mills

Are you looking for industrial paint services that won’t halt operations? Do you want a coating that is resistant to thermal shock and waterproof? Then call Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction today to ask about our environmentally friendly and cost-saving services.

Plural Component Spray Services Courtesy of Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction

Have you always relied on the ‘hot pot’ approach to painting and coating your industrial piping systems? As you’ve probably noticed, hot potting takes a whole lot of time. Hand-mixing elements is time-consuming, and applying paint by hand is also incredibly tedious, and sometimes imprecise. Plural component proportioners, on the other hand, mix, heat, and apply all the necessary elements with no trouble at all.

Are you interested in saving your company time and money? Call Badger Specialty Coatings & Construction today and ask about our protective coatings and plural component sprayers! We’d love to hear from you.